2 x Reusable Food Dehydrator Dryer Non-Stick Sheets

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Food Dehydrator Non-stick SheetMissing something for your food dehydrator? Get some non-stick sheets and make it easier when drying your food. These sheets are suitable for a variety of foods and are perfect for making snacks such as, caramel, fondant, flax crackers, fruit slice and more. This will also be useful to prevent small sized food, such as sunflower seeds, from falling through the trays. Its non-stick surface makes it extremely durable and you can use it countless times! Moreover, cleaning will not be a difficult task at all. Just wipe the sheet with a soft sponge and rinse with clean water. It is that easy! These sheets are made to fit our 8, 10 and 12 Tray Food Dehydrators or simply cut the sheet to fit your food dehydrator. Features* Non-stick and durable * Suitable for all varieties of food * Reusable – can be used countless times * Easy to clean * Dimensions: 35 x 31.2cmPackage Contents* 2 x Non-Stick Sheet?


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